Sardars A Triology

on 16 Jan, 2018 / by Col. Prithvi Nath

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Mairangi Bay NewZealand, Christmas, Sunday, 25 December, 2016

It is nine years since I lost her and 13, since we were at Whangarei, further North of Auckland. I was 25 and she 19 when we married at Amritsar on September 8, 1962, the day China attacked India and I left for the frontier with 18 Sikh Regiment by special train to Delhi and from there we were airlifted by US Hercules-C113.


After 45 years of marriage, Urmil left this world and having just lost her voice, said with signs, “Pray, put me down on Earth, I am ascending to Heaven”. Today, I am 80 and come to Auckland to be with my youngest of three daughters, Nalini and grandson, Neelesh, to complete the mission of writing the trilogy-Sardars- beginning with Lost Kingdom to be followed by Sunset Empire and culminate in New Age to be completed by 10/10/2020, as directed by the stakeholders of City State Gurugram on 10/10/2010. It was interrupted nine years ago on this day when I lost her and now I must complete it lest I, too, become silent.


The quest for finding the origin and purpose of humanity in the Universe began much before my birth on December 9, 1936 at Fauj Square, Gole Market, New Delhi. It began three centuries ago with the sacrifices made by the founder of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj followed by the Rise of Northern Indian Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh extending to Afghanistan that fell to the British East India Company in 1849. Sardars of the Maharaja were entrusted with the custody of Kohi-I-Noor Diamond as also reclamation of the Kingdom by Head of Treasury ( Toshakhana) and the military chief-The Silver Armed One (Chandi Di Baan Wale). Both were my ancestors from paternal and maternal sides and being the last of Sardars, this history begins with a prayer to the eternity- Real Truth- Satnam!

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