Conquering Age & Diseases

Conquering Age & Diseases


on 16 Jan, 2018 / by Prithvi Nath

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Genetics stands decoded today opening the path for the human conquest of age and disease. Siddhartha Mukerjee in his magnum opus The Gene gives an answer to the question, “How does an organism transmit the information needed to create form and function to its embryo?” The diagram explains the information flow in living systems.


As Darwin’s theory of origin of species linking evolution to information thrown adrift by cells in blood is redundant and the sequencing of our genome clears the way for humanity to understand the paradox of learning that an intelligent human cell can comprehend the instructions to make itself. The illusion of male sperm being the sole parent having vanished, both male and female partners contribute 23 different chromosomes each being filamentary structures buried deep within cells that contain tens of thousands of genes linked together in chains.


Human genome is made of three million base pairs and its mapping will bring fitness to humanity by eliminating disease through correcting the mismatch between organism and environment through a revolutionary concept of mapping one’s genome both before and after birth to eliminate diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Down’ Syndrome, Huntington’s disease and mental disorders.


Good bye astrological charts, welcome genome mappings that offer health risks which can be overcome by medical treatments and lifestyle changes. India has made a beginning with startup called mapmygenome that requires a simple kit with a swab to collect the sample from teeth and gums under the cheek.


Dwaapar brings a new freedom not only to be born but also right of a reasonable chance of happy and useful life. Dwaapar had 33 crore Gods and Dwaapar II, will have 880 crore healthy people needing quality homes and super living conditions for Gods.

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