Super Souls

Super Souls


on 16 Jan, 2018 / by Prithvi Nath

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More than 10,000 scientists from around 100 countries had gathered to find answers to questions like, what is the universe made of and how did it come to be the way it is? Their tool was a Large Hadron Collider installed in a tunnel 27km in circumference between France and Geneva in Switzerland producing head on collisions between two beams of particles of same kind through a vacuum comparable to outer space. The scientists have deciphered the basic building blocks to be much smaller even than atoms which created the universe after the Big Bang. The building block “Higgs Boson” is referred to as the “God’s Particle” which gave weight to the virtual weightless universe waiting to be born.


Evolution has played its role in altering the human body to reach the present level of existence by creating a combination of means of reproduction- shoulders, arms, lungs, brain and now technology to reach its objective of creating a new human, in the image of Creator.


Darwin’s theory of evolution lead to the collapse of many civilizations due to their refusal to accept that the monkey could be their ancestor and the corollary that if nature could find a hope of human improvement, it would evolve into a new and advanced specie of humanity. However Vedic Indians believed in the world of Hanuman, Sita and Ram as the ultimate in human evolution. They divided the human evolution into four ages-Golden, Silver, Brass and Iron, the last being the shortest after which the pendulum swings back to the ultimate Brass Age to fulfill its purpose of ever expansion into the current age of transformation. Jesus Christ calls it a new heaven on Earth which the meek shall inherit and Vedic Indians- Transformation.
This age does not lie in the past or in the future but in the Now of which we are the lucky inheritors. Who do the meek imply? It is the present species that has changed the focus from the self or ego to alter ego as the driving force of all actions. Nalini Nalini from New Zealand has presented me a painting of Five Horses- implying five senses- sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing-driven by soul-the alter ego instead of the self or ego. It translates into how you act rather than what you do.


After 25 years in the mission of building new cities on this planet, I have been assigned the task of Ombudsman to resolve the issues between the inhabitants and builders without resort to the soul killing never ending process of legalese in courts. The noblest of tasks of building and transferring the right to live in housing for the present generation contributing the largest amount of wealth or GDP has got mired into blame games due to litigation about who is to be punished for wrong actions. Working in concert with government, public, private sectors in the district city state of Gurgaon to arrive at a consensus with evolved humanity connected to the alter ego has brought me close to achieving the purpose of my life by connecting with super souls-the new beings.

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